Waiting for Feedback On Your Dissertation from Your Chair

So – you complete the first chapter of your dissertation. Before you proceed, you would really like to get some feedback from your chair. So, you print her off and give your professor a copy.

You wait a week. You run out patience and finally decide to ask the important question:

Had a chance to read my chapter?

What chapter?

Oops. They did not get it – or remember getting it.

So – this time you give them a print version and send the chapter as an attachment on an e mail,

A week passes.

Had a chance to read my chapter?

Oh – I’ll get to it in a few days …

A week passes …

Does this scenario sound familiar? During the past month – you are teaching your classes to undergraduates. You find yourself fidgeting as you continue to edit your first chapter – while wondering if your idea will fly. It is hard to be creative when the threat of a rejection hangs over your head.

Your writing becomes ponderous.You take more coffee breaks than are really necessary. You are cautious. The work finally comes to a standstill as you continue to wait. … and wait …. and wait.

Sound familiar?

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.

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